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Customer Case Study: Life Credit Union

Apr 28, 2020 2:51:12 PM / by Fergal Geraghty

Life Credit Union focuses on making member’s lives simpler with Luna Connect


Life Credit Union and Luna Connect have launched a new solution to speed up lending processes for both new and existing members by completing all the documentation required for their loan application online using Luna Connects digital platform.

"Luna Connect delivers a simple and transparent online journey for our members"

Karen Mulligan, CEO at Life Credit Union said: “We’re a modern Credit Union who puts our members first. We like to keep things simple and transparent, and to bring members products and services that make their life simpler. Luna Connect is helping us achieve that.”

“At Life Credit Union we are focused on ensuring that the process of applying for and receiving approval for a loan is as quick and as user friendly as possible. We are working to reduce paperwork, where possible, and to improve our response times.

With Luna Connect we offer our members a unique loan application process and all loans are reviewed within 48 hours subject to terms and conditions.”

“Members decide how to conduct business with us - in our branches, online or via social media and we will offer a personal, professional and friendly service no matter how members choose to interact with us“.

Brian D'Arcy, CEO for Luna Connect, commented: “We are delighted to work with Life Credit Union and provide online loan origination that enhances the experience for both the member and underwriter”

“Working with Life Credit Union our vision is to provide an online service for members to join, and submit online applications through the website on a 24/7 basis"









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Fergal Geraghty

Written by Fergal Geraghty